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Clack 10" X 24" Water Softener

  • Ion exchange water filtration system.
  • NSF certified media.

  • CONTROL TYPE:   Fully metered, volumetric water softening system.
  • VOLTAGE:   230 Volts AC @ 50 Hz.
  • OPERATING PRESSURES:   1.4 bar - 8.6 bar.
  • SERVICE FLOW:   15-40 Litres per minute.
  • RESIN CAPACITY:   22 Litres.
  • RESIN TYPE:   Lanxess S1567 high performance monospheric, low oxidative, co-polymer resin.
  • SOFTENING CAPACITY:   5.8m3 @ 200ppm hardness, 2.9m3 @ 400ppm hardness.
  • SALT TANK CAPACITY:   35 litres.
  • CONNECTIONS:   3/4 bsp male - inlet, outlet, drain. 3/8 compression fitting from softener to brine tank.

Clack 10" X 24" WS1CI Water softener details:

The Clack 10" X 24" WS1CI water softener is perfect for the average sized family and can easily service a home of up to six residents making it our most popular residential water softener.

High quality ion exchange resin is used to remove limescale and other unwanted contaminants such as Iron and Manganese from the water ensuring that your immersion, kettle and other expensive appliances are fully protected.

The Clack 10" X 24" WS1CI water softener uses common rock salt to regenerate and clean its bed of ion exchange resin. Intellegent software dynamically determines how often a "regen" is needed and this makes it one of the most cost effective systems avaliable on the market today.

The Clack 10" X 24" WS1CI water softener uses a seperate brine bucket to store salt which holds about 25 to 30 kg's when full. This allows the water softener to work for up to four months between fills.

INAB Approved Water Testing

Get your water professionally tested at an INAB approved lab. This will ensure you get a system tailored to your specific needs. more.