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Water which contains high amounts of depositing minerals such as calcium carbonate or calcium bicarbonate is commonly known as hard water, and the term limescale is often used to describe the unsightly white residue buildup often found on kettles, sinks and shower heads in houses all around the country.

Hard water and limescale problems are all too common in Co. Tipperary and Clonmel is no exception to this costly inconvenience. The areas most affected by hard water in Clonmel are the homes and housing estates on the Cashel and Fethard roads. Kilsheelan is also affected by hard water and if you have a private well, chances are that you are affected by the inconvenience and sometimes costly effects of hard water and limescale damage.

Zen Water Filters are based locally in Clonmel Co. Tipperary and we are dedicated to providing our customers with an unmatched service by supplying only the highest quality products at an affordable price. We pride ourselves in using only proven technologies and our goal is to be the best in the business when it comes to quality and service. Even though we mainly serve the Tipperary region, we will gladly travel nationwide if you have a requirement for our services.

INAB Approved Water Testing

Get your water professionally tested at an INAB approved lab. This will ensure you get a system tailored to your specific needs. more.