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Unmatched Local service in Cork & surrounding areas.


Cork City is a moderate 105km drive from Clonmel via the M8 motorway and is one of the many nearby regions in which we proudly offer our water softener services.

Like many Cities in Ireland, Cork and it's surrounding areas are known to suffer from hard water problems and having a high quality water softener installed in your home or business is the best way to ensure that your costly appliances are fully protected from the damaging effects of limescale buildup.

Zen Water Filters are based locally in Clonmel Co. Tipperary and we are dedicated to providing our customers with an unmatched service by supplying only the highest quality products at an affordable price. We pride ourselves in using only proven technologies and our goal is to be the best in the business when it comes to quality and service.

If you are having limescale problems and are looking to install a water softener or if you have any other water related issue, why not contact us here here or give us a call on 052 614 6305.Not only will you will be pleasantly surprised with our professional customer orientated service, you will also be pleased to know that you are receiving one of the best water softening systems available on the market today.

Cork water supply info:

Corks County Council supplies around 40,000 non domestic customers and 100,000 homes with treated water all around Cork and the County. As there is such a large area to service, three Sanitary Authorities are in place who are responsible for managing the North, South and West Cork Divisions.

Water supplied by Cork County Council is sourced either from groundwater supplies, gravel aquifers or surface water sources such as rivers or lakes. All supplied water is disinfected by the Council ensuring it’s safe to drink and where necessary such as is common with ground water sources, more extensive forms of treatment are performed to bring the water up to acceptable quality for the County’s residents.

Corks County Council supplies all its treated water in compliance with the European Communities (Drinking Water) Regulations, 2000 (S.I 439 of 2000) which ensures that your water should be visibly clean and safe to drink but removing limescale from the water is not a listed requirement (due to it not being a health hazard) so it’s up to the end user to install a water softener should they wish to soften their water. Ion exchange water softeners are still the best solution for removing limescale from water.

North Cork Division:
Corks North Division covers 67 Public Water Supply Schemes with a combined water usage of around 40,465 m3/day and 48 smaller public schemes which supply under 450 m3/day each.

South Cork Division:
The Hinterland Region of County Corks South Division has 3 Regional Water Supply Schemes which are the Inniscarra, the Glashaboy and the Innishannon supply schemes. Also in this region are 32 smaller public water schemes and the combined daily water usage from all of these together is an estimated 82,000 m3/day with a large portion of Cork City’s water coming from the region.

The South Cork Division also has 9 Regional Water Supply Schemes and 39 public water schemes with a total usage estimated to be around 29,376 m3/day.

West Cork Division:
The West Cork Division has 5 Regional Water Supply Schemes which are the Clonakilty, Skibbereen, Castletownbere, Baltimore and Leap Schemes. Additionally there are also 30 smaller public water schemes in this region. The total daily water usage for this region is estimated to be around 16,783 m3/day.

INAB Approved Water Testing

Get your water professionally tested at an INAB approved lab. This will ensure you get a system tailored to your specific needs. more.