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Hard water & its effects on your skin.


Hard water leaches essential oils from our skin.

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When we wash or bathe in hard water, the dissolved minerals responsible for causing limescale naturally deposit themselves onto our skin & can leave it feeling dry, flaky and often itchy.
This is because these minerals get into our pores, dehydrate them & can leach out the essential oils that are needed to protect & moisturize our skin.

Potential link between hard water & eczema.

There are many independent studies that show a potential link between the negative effects of hard water on skin conditions like Eczema & Psoriasis.
A study in the UK on eczema was done with 4000 primary school children by Scientists in the University of Nottingham & it found that around 17.3% of children living in hard water areas suffered from this irritating skin condition while only 12% of children living in soft water areas suffered from it.

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'While hard water may not be the actual cause of skin conditions like Eczema or Psoriasis, there is compelling evidence to suggest that it does contribute to the problem by drying out and agitating your skin.'

Hard water doesn't rinse very well.

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As hard water is already saturated with limescale causing minerals, its ability to absorb & rinse soap effectively is drastically reduced. Not only do we use around 50% more soap as a result but it also means that a residue of un-rinsed soap may be left on our skin after bathing or showering. This un-rinsed soap residue can agitate our skin & contribute to dryness, itchiness & skin irritation.

Hard water damages your hair in the same way.

Hard water leaches moisture & essential minerals from your hair just as it does with your skin. This can leave it feeling limp, dry, frizzy & prone to knotting. Hard water can also contribute to dry scalp problems & it can be a cause of hair discolouration in lightly coloured or dyed hair.
Using softened water form a water softener solves all these problems & you will notice improvements with your hair immediately when switching to soft water.

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Water Softeners

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Protect your household appliances from the damaging effects of limescale build-up by installing a high quality water softener.


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Enjoy the luxury of clean, fresh and healthy drinking water straight from your kitchen tap!