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Hard water & its effects on your appliances.


The Battelle Case Study on hard water.

In 2010 the Battelle Memorial Institute of Columbus, Ohio, was funded by the WQA to complete a comprehensive case study on the effects that hard water has on household appliances & water heaters.
This study tested over 30 different appliances & followed strict guidelines to help quantify what effect scaling has on the efficiency, service & overall performance of these appliances. The study presented conclusive data showing how hard water not only damages appliances but also reduces their efficiency & can increase maintenance costs in areas where water is very hard. A quote taken directly from the study stated that "The economic savings can lead to recovery of the cost of a water softener and operating supplies in a period as short as a year."

Reasons why hard water is a costly problem.

25% increase in home heating & appliance running costs.

Appliances such as your dishwasher & washing machine or hot water heaters such as your electric shower, immersion & home heating boiler are especially prone to limescale damage as they contain heating elements which need to be clean & scale free in order to run efficiently.
When these heating elements scale up they become less efficient & need more power to produce the same amount of heat. This can increase running costs by as much as 25% in very hard water areas.

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Expensive replacement & repair costs.

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Limescale deposition forms around the working parts of your appliances & heating system resulting in expensive maintenance & repair costs. Limescale damage is proven to cause premature failure to immersion elements & severely shortens the lifespan of electric showers. Additionally, home heating boilers need to be de-scaled on average every 1.4 years in hard water areas whereas this is unnecessary with softened water.

Faulty shower heads, taps & cistern valves.

Limescale deposits on the seals inside your taps & toilet cistern valves causing them to leak & fail over time. A drip from one tap can waste up to one litre of water per hour meaning that an average sized home with 8 taps & 2 toilets could be wasting as much as 240 litres of water per day from drips alone!
Additionally, limescale clogs up your shower heads requiring them to be constantly descaled & often replaced.

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Water Softeners

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Protect your household appliances from the damaging effects of limescale build-up by installing a high quality water softener.


Drinking water filters

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Enjoy the luxury of clean, fresh and healthy drinking water straight from your kitchen tap!