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Our water softener installation service explained in four easy steps...


Choosing the right water softener

Product guarantee The first thing we will do is determine what size system you need. For us to do this correctly we need to know how many people live in your home, and whether your water is coming from the municipal supply or a private well.

If your water is coming from a private well its recommended that you get it tested by an INAB accredited lab. This will enable us to size a system for your specific needs.

Well water installation

Finalising the details

NSF Certification Once the right system has been chosen, we normally make a courtesy call to finalise a few details and decide where the water softener will be installed. We try our best to install the system inside, in an easily accessible location where it will be fully protected from the elements and from freezing.

In situations where an outside installation is the only option, we will use a high quality whether proof Keter shed with a programmable thermostat and heating device to protect the water softener from freezing.

Installing your water softener

Lowest salt usage A standard installation usually takes around 3-4 hours but once on your premises we will dedicate the whole day to you. We will never rush your installation and great care is taken to ensure that your water softener is installed to the highest possible standard.

Unlike other installers we ALWAYS install a separate drain for our water softeners, this ensures that the system will never become fouled or contaminated with dirty drain water and this greatly minimises the risk of your kitchen being flooded if anything ever went wrong.

Customer service and product support

Money back guarantee If there is ever a problem with your water softener, we offer a 10 year call out service and will do our best to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible. This is a standard service and there are no hidden fees or charges to be worried about!

When you buy a water softener from Zen Water Filters we will do our best to ensure that it gives you years of trouble free service.

Water Softeners

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Protect your household appliances from the damaging effects of limescale build-up by installing a high quality water softener.


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Enjoy the luxury of clean, fresh and healthy drinking water straight from your kitchen tap!