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€95 Water softener service


If you own a water softener and are looking to get it serviced or even repaired, then why not book your next appointment with us? Our standard service price of €95 is available to customers living within a 50km radius of Clonmel, Co. Tipperary and if you live outside this radius then a small travel fee may be applicable. We offer a comprehensive service on all water softening systems and a list of what’s included can be found below.

System inspection & preventative maintenance

NSF Certification The type of maintenance required on your system will depend on the type of softener you own. Whether it's a timer based system or a volumetric system with its own integrated flowmeter, we will do a complete service and perform any necessary maintenance required to keep it running as it should.

Resin boost & descale

Lowest salt usage As part of our service we will perform a descaling procedure on the softening resin inside your water softener. This descaling procedure will remove any performance degrading contaminants that may have deposited on the softening resin over time.

Salt tank clean & disinfection

Money back guarantee It's common for the salt tank to become dirty over time and if not cleaned routinely you may even see a dirty residue forming on the bottom or at water level. Part of our service includes a thorough clean of the salt tank and we will also disinfect it to prevent bacteria growth.

Hardness test & system calibration

Product guarantee Once we are finished with the service, we will check the water hardness and calibrate your softener accordingly. The aim is to get the system setup to remove all limescale while using the least amount of salt. Depending on the type of system you own, it may be possible to provide a noticeable difference in the amount of salt you are currently using.

Free 25kg bag of salt

Money back guarantee Finally, we will give you a complementary 25kg bag of salt. All you need to do is keep your system topped up with salt and enjoy the benefits of a scale free home!

Water Softeners

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Protect your household appliances from the damaging effects of limescale build-up by installing a high quality water softener.


Drinking water filters

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Enjoy the luxury of clean, fresh and healthy drinking water straight from your kitchen tap!